Is EMF Environmental Contamination Killing Your Cannabis Profits?

An unseen threat may be hurting your business.

Fight back and revolutionize your farm’s profit picture. Take the next step into the new standard for cannabis cultivation.

Is EMF Environmental Contamination Killing Your Cannabis Profits?

An unseen threat may be hurting your business.

Fight back and revolutionize your farm’s profit picture. Take the next step into the new standard for cannabis cultivation.

Slim Profit Margin Pressures Of Cannabis Farming

We all know that commercial cannabis production isn’t for the faint of heart. At every turn, there is a challenge eating into your already razor thin profit margins.

Let’s face it, these can keep you up at night.

And there’s one more unknown...

The Hidden Enemy: How EMFs Impact Your Profits

You can’t see it, but it’s there.

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) are constantly increasing in what can be measured at your farm. And as a result, they are impacting your farm's growth cycle, and eating away at your bottom line.

What is EMF Environmental Contamination?

Wireless technology is everywhere. Where would we be without radio stations, GPS, cellular phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, satellites, and Doppler Radar? There are already more than 6000 Low Earth Orbit 5G satellites in operation, with plans to blanket the entire planet with 5G. As EMF Contamination constantly increases, the negative impacts on your farm increase.

EMF Environmental Contamination Studies

Bioinitiative Report 2012

29 Interdisciplinary Experts from across the world, analyzed and compiled the results of over 2000 Studies, examining the effects of background EMF Contamination on biological life. They published their initial findings in 2012. Ask why you've never heard of it. This is a must read for any Producer.

Many more Studies have been analyzed and added since 2012. These findings overwhelmingly show the net negative impacts of background EMF Contamination have gotten worse in the past 10 years. 

This is correlated with the ever increasing density of non-ionizing radiation from all our devices, and needed signal sources. The Studies overwhelmingly show the unprecedented and increasing levels of EMFs are significantly impacting the biological organisms across our planet. This includes your crops.

EMF Contamination Sources

There are many sources on all cannabis farms.

Lighting, ballasts, "Smart Technologies", HVAC, and electrical systems all add to what the Telecom Industry is cranking out.
  • Cell Phone Towers: Microwave Relays, 3G, 4G, and now 5G where available, are all operating simultaneously. Extreme sources of EMF. If you have a device signal, it's impacting your plants.
  • Electronic Devices: This includes everything used by your Staff, from cellphones, WiFi, and tablets, to your timers, sensors, and control systems.
  • Wi-Fi Routers & Bluetooth Devices: Wireless devices like these use EMFs to communicate.
  • Electrical Wiring: If not installed correctly, wiring within the operation could emit EMFs.
  • Industrial Equipment: This could include pumps, generators, fans and other equipment.
  • Power Lines, TV/Communication Array: Towers: These are well documented sources of EMFs.
  • Satellites: Starlink has stated objectives and is proceeding to blanket our planet with 5G. Other companies, and other counties have their own plans as well.
  • Smart Meters, Smart Sensors, all "Smart Devices": All pulsing High Frequency EMFs into your environment, 24/7
  • Radar Towers and Military Communications Systems: Very powerful, and wide ranging in their coverage and biological impacts.

How EMF Environmental Contamination
Hurts Your Plants

As demand for digital communication technology grows, and the total technology load used in our civilization increases, so has the total load of EMFs in our growing environments.

Experts have found majorly negative impacts on the health and nutrient density of our soils, our crops, our animals, and our people.

Nutrient Chaos
Nutrient channels in plant cells act as gatekeepers, letting nutrients in when needed, and cycling cellular wastes out as required. Nutrients help the plants grow and respond to their environment. EMF's can unnaturally increase or decrease the nutrient intake, at the cellular level. This unnatural disruption at any stage of the plant's metabolism, has compounding negative effects on the growth, and consequently your profitable yields.

EMFs disrupt the biochemical sequence at multiple points.

Less Oxygenation
EMFs impact the oxygen molecule, making it less readily available. This reduces cellular respiration efficiency, and impacts the soil biology in the root zone.
Stress & Disease
Plants develop an intolerance to EMFs which cause stress related disease and fragility. Stressed plants actually emit infrared radiation which insects like mites are specifically drawn to.
Cellular Disruption
Research shows EMF related stress leads to irregular cellular responses in the plant. This could result in an immediate cellular change or delayed plant growth.
Impacted Plant Growth
When EMFs reach the edge of their signal, the wavelength decays. This decay creates electromagnetic chaos in your environment. This is all around you in the grow environment. This negatively impacts plant growth, which ultimately impacts your profits.

How EMF Environmental Contamination Impacts Your Bottom Line

Like anything that impacts your plants, EMF Environmental Contamination can wreak havoc on the bottom line. Here are some examples:

The Solution: Scarab’s System C.O.R.E

EMF Contamination Mitigator for the High-Value Agriculture Sector.

Let Scarab Biotech introduce you to the only EMF Environmental Contamination fighter in the High Value Specialty Crop Sector.

The System C.O.R.E. (Co-Operating Resonant Energy) is the result of a 15-year development arc, with 4 decades of European High Physics behind it. Our technologies were developed utilizing the research of Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp. This is the Cutting Edge of Agricultural Biophysics.

Developed for the Cannabis Industry, and High-Value Specialty Crop Producers, Scarab's System C.O.R.E. does not interfere with the designated communication functions of EMFs. Instead, it mitigates the negative impacts of EMFs on biology, within the super-coherent energy fields generated by our technologies.

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Fight EMF Contamination In Your Production Areas

The benefits of our very low intensity resonant energy system:

Restore Plant Cells
We restore the intracellular and intercellular DNA communication, negatively impacted by EMF Contamination. This is demonstrated through significant increases in Biophotons, which is a primary method of cellular communication.
Reduce Plant Stress
Significantly reduces a spectrum of plant stress issues, induced by low-level persistent EMF exposure. There are compounding beneficial effects from this known outcome.
Maximize Nutrient Uptake
Maximizes the genetic and nutrient uptake potential to establish a new baseline standard, by creating biological coherence. This is through the new increase in overall biological coherence, which our technology stabilizes for you.
Increase Plant Health
Expect increased disease, pathogen, and pest resistance. Expect tissue analysis to show significant in the efficiency of specific nutrient uptake. Expect BRIX levels to notably increase over previous baselines.
Better Worker Health
Expect notable and positive changes in your workforce. The EMFs are impacting your crew as much as your plants are being impacted. These impacts are at the cellular level. It's impacting all of us, and we're in this together. What happens when the people in all your spaces suddenly feel better? Step your game up across your team.
Protective Casing
Our heavy-duty stainless steel outer casing protects the sensitive inner technology platform from the cultivation environment. It's fully sealed, built tough, and fully protected from spraying, humidity, and any airborne dust or debris.

This means...

  • Healthier Plants
  • Reliably Faster Cloning, Vegetative, and Flowering Cycle Times.
  • Increased Overall Plant Vigor.
  • Fewer Headaches
  • Noticeably Higher Quality
  • 15-35% More Weight. Game Changer.

How the System C.O.R.E. works.

Below illustrates the basic concept of how the System C.O.R.E. works.

EMF Chaos vs. EMF Harmony

EMF Chaos

This is what EMF-induced biophotonic chaos looks like inside a typical growing area.

EMF Harmony

This is what biological coherence and field stabilization looks like. Scarab's System C.O.R.E in operation.

The Result: Boost Your Farm’s Bottom Line

Overcoming challenges is key to winning in the world of Commercial Cannabis Cultivation. At Scarab Biotech, we can help you unlock your farm’s maximum potential and turn the hidden challenges into visible profits.

Here’s How Our System C.O.R.E. Revolutionizes Your Farm.

15-35% Higher Yield
By mitigating EMF Contamination, you will achieve optimal biological growing conditions. This results in a new standard of production. A True Game Changer.
Reduced Growing Period
Shortened total cycle time. The more vigorous vegetative growth, and stronger flowering impulse, results in a shorter total cycle time. Reduced growing time, means less total resources used, and greater profits. This is your edge.
Higher Profit Margins
It's simple. Reduced production costs combined with increased yields, and higher quality, means increased profits for you.
Differentiate Yourself:
These ideal conditions will result in a better quality product than your competitors, and the Cup Winning “X” Factor. You can also make the claim that your cannabis is grown in an EMF Mitigated Environment. A much healthier environment for all beings within it.
Overall Farm Health:
By counteracting detrimental EMF Contamination, ,and their negative impacts, you are creating more healthy plants. All biological life within our energy fields are benefited. That's everything from your soil biology to your plants, to the whole team making it happen.
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System C.O.R.E. FAQs

We know there are always questions. So, here are a few that we are asked most often.
1What is the System C.O.R.E. and how does it work?
The System C.O.R.E. (Co-Operating Resonant Energy) is our flagship product. Its’ advanced technology mitigates biological impacts caused by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Our System C.O.R.E. does not interfere with EMF's function in communication. Instead, it minimizes the negative impacts of EMF, allowing the plant to maintain optimal biological coherence at the cellular level. This contributes to improved plant health, and thus higher yields and quality.
2How does the System C.O.R.E. contribute to yield improvement?
It creates a more harmonized electromagnetic environment. This in turn enhances plant vitality and resilience. Healthier plants, that can better absorb nutrients, generate a higher yield.
3Can the System C.O.R.E. and other Scarab Biotech products be used together?
Absolutely! Our products are designed to complement each other, in a complete system. For instance, our water and nutrient solution restructuring technology significantly increases the efficiency of water and nutrient uptake, via super hydration. When combined with the System C.O.R.E, you reduce the nutrient requirements and push your efficiency metrics significantly further. And we have other advanced technologies which complete our Scarab System, rolling out in 2024.
4What sets Scarab Biotech products apart from others in the market?
What sets Scarab Biotech products apart from others in the market? We use cutting-edge biophysics and innovative technologies to address the missing efficiency components in Commercial Cannabis Production, and High Value Specialty Crop Production. We didn't just slip and fall into the industry. We've been here since 2008, developing our technologies with the same goals in mind the entire time. Our goals were taking the existing production systems to their maximum potential, in quality and quantity, using advanced biophysics. Our technologies, and our experience, contribute to your maximum success.
5How soon can I expect to see results after using Scarab Biotech's Products?
The results are indeed immediate, and measurable. You will see significant improvements in your growth rates day after day. You can measure the changes in your BRIX, and your tissue analysis, and you will see changes in your rates of nutrient uptake. You will have to adjust the metrics and timing of your systems, so be prepared for things to move faster, and everything to be bigger. Your first cycle will be where you dial your system in. This is easy for experienced growers. Our system sets your new baseline. From the second cycle and beyond, you're dialed in, and crushing it at the next level.
6What’s the total cost of ownership?
To walk through an ROI calculation for you and your farm, book a free consultation below.

Pre-Launch: Beta Customer Program

To ensure the strongest products for our customers, we are introducing a pre-launch Beta Customer Program. During the program, selected cannabis producers will use our System C.O.R.E, and provide real-time feedback, and data collection at the end of each cycle. This program is only available to well-established, Registered Producers, with stable genetics, and historically stable production systems.

The 2 Beta Production Cycles

Cycle 1: Calibration
This cycle will be started with the System C.O.R.E installed, prior to booting up your cycle. This will only take a few hours of time. We will assist in calibrating the farm's growth processes with the new system, and track the first round of results.
Cycle 2: Full Results
With the production system fully dialed in, and our system as an operating constant in the background, the producer will see the complete results.

Join The Producers That Have Signed-Up

Join The Producers That
Have Signed-Up

We are looking to add to the Producers we already have signed up. We have a limited number of openings in this program. There is no upfront cost to the Producer, and the option to purchase at a special Beta Customer Price will be available at the end of your 2nd Production Cycle.

This also opens the door to you for other Pre-Release Technologies, continually pushing your system to its maximum potential, via the same Beta Customer Program. Be among the first Commercial Cannabis Producers to experience the benefits of our breakthrough technology system.

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